Sunday, April 27, 2014

:: Machebette Cafe :: 카페 마체베트 :: Orange flat & Banana Ice cream

Nowadays, I love to go Machebette Cafe !
This cafe is getting popular in Korea.

If you go to Machebette Cafe, you can easily to see Tweety !

This cafe is using Warner Bros characters, but this cafe is Korean brand cafe !

This cafe is using fresh fruit !!!

They are making ice cream in here ! 
I will show you a video later how to make ice cream !! ><
I love the ice cream so much !

Orange flat !!!
It was so good !
Coffee with orange !
Actually, I usually do not drink coffee, but this drink was so good!
It's so tasty !
It's one of the newest memu of Machebette Cafe, so they were doing promotion.
 I drink it only 2,000won.

Banana ice cream !!!
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